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EDITORS: Tarryn Brien & Melanie Skippers

An annual event for BLHS is the prize giving, where the achievers of 2016 is honoured for their outstanding achievements academically as well as in sports and choir. This year we were privileged to have some musical entertainment as well. An expressive piece was done by the RCW… spiritual dancers from …. The highlight was the performance of the school song by the learners of BLHS. They are a group of learners from various grades but with one thing in common; their love of music. They form part of the New Apostolic Church children’s choir of Lavistown congregation.

They gathered together every second interval for a week and a half practicing tirelessly to prepare for the prize giving, and on the evening of the prize giving they performed the school song with all their heart. It was truly impressive. Another musical item was rendered by two of the children in that same group. Miss Anisten Hermanus and Miss Oneyda Meyer performed a lovely and expressive rendition of “I will never cease to love you Lord”, a hymn from the New English Hymnal of the New Apostolic Church. These lovely girls also surprised everyone when they performed “Seek ye first the kingdom of God” on the violin showing that their talent is not limited to singing only, and that just shows us that the children of BLHS are very talented. It just takes a few motivated teachers to inspire them. On the note of inspiring people, our heartfelt thanks goes out to Rev C. Ganie for her inspiring and empowering speech to the achievers.”If we can’t run we walk! If we can’t walk we crawl but we never stop moving forward” truly inspiring words from the reverend which I’m sure the achievers will apply in the year to come.

From the achievers a special word of thanks goes to everyone that contributed to making the evening a success. Well done!

Reported by: Caitlin Visagie

Bishop Lavis High School has just purchased a taxi to help with the transport of our learners to and fro for their various cultural and sporing activities that they take participate in. Our school purchased the taxi from a neighbouring resident and we hope that the bus will alleviate the major expenses incurred with the transport of learners. 

The annual Athletics day at the Bellville Athletic Stadium with our athletes and enthusiastic supporters was again a great success, though we didn't do to well, we only came seventh, our school enjoyed great camaraderie. The athletes tried their best. We would like to thank Mr Van Heerden and his team for their hardworking and sacrifices.

School academic year started much earlier than previous years, educators had to be at school on the 9th January and the learners began school on the 11th January 2017. 

Our academic staff changed slightly, we welcome three new teachers to our staff:

With great anticipation we awaited the coming of our Matric Resluts of 2016. With so may YIP learners we were expecting a coninuation of our matric results.


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Tarryn Brien, Dean Langeveldt, Paul Miller & Melanie Skippers